Collaborative curatorial endevour w/ Tameka Carter -a creative response to ‘the crisis.
Presented as an 'open gallery' in the houses/front yards of artists or host houses - we have curated 2 x maps within our suburb of Kensington. Each map takes viewers on an hour duration art walk [1h was the limit for outside time during lockdown 4 in Naarm/Melbourne] 

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︎ state of disaster kensington

a medium is a device through which a world makes itself known or seen or heard
Interactive performance installation, duration + dimensions variable, reclaimed yarn

This work explores immersive processes of relation through the act of harvesting (the yarn, my words, the people's words) and the practice of making. This Interactive performance installation intends to promote artefacts through modes of encountering. The process of making these objects, instilled with viewer’s personal experience, forms vessels of emotion.

This work uses a hacked knitting-machine transformed into a knit-typewriter; it uses open-source hardware and software to have real time control over the needles to knit digital patterns. The knit itself is manually operated; the computer translates the typing into knitted language.

For two weeks a large-scale knit installation will be developed, made of the artist’s words, readings and feelings of displacement, disconnection, dispossession - like a mind inside-out.

This collaborative techno-craft invites the artist's thoughts and responses to our current state, as well as the feelings of others. Participants are encouraged to write to the artist with their thoughts/feelings that emerge from the current state of disaster. Free associations (up to three words) can be sent. Quotidian, sudden and uncertain (like the current times), the artist and viewer will come together as Rute type-knits your co-presence into their piece. In time, the community will see “themselves” within the work.

The knitted words will form a garment-like piece, soft and pyjama-like, mirroring our disaster uniforms. Made of re-claimed yarn, reforming one thing into another, this work is an homage to our resilience and capacity of trans-forming, trans-making, response-ability and re-covering.

Words were sent by email or placed on my mail box.