April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Dull roots with spring rain.
Memory and desire, stirring

—The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot

Do you want to knit–talk?

My hacked knitting machine is a knit-typewriter; it uses open-source hardware and software to allow real-time control of the needles to knit digital patterns. The knit itself is manually operated and easy for anyone to use. In this hybrid craft technology, technology enhances but does not replace craft, and craft brings not only ancestral techniques, but also the emotional relationship between matter and makers into a constant conversation through and by the act of making. This is a collaborative work of techno-craft, where guests can express their ideas, thoughts and feelings about waste, and together use harvested yarn (directly recovered from old garments or cones that were on their way to landfill ) to knit-write them into a ‘garment’ or keepsake piece.

FREE 1 hr hack-machine-knit individual sessions book your spot HERE︎.

Piece will be shipped following the event